How to Feel and Look Younger at Any Age

Mental:  Keep Your Mind Engaged: Pursue Hobbies and Interests!

  • Read!  Feeling stressed? Researchers in Britain asked participants to engage in various activities: reading, listening to music, having a cup of tea or coffee, and taking a walk.  The winner? Reading reduced stress levels and heart rates by 68% the most significant on the list. (Least effective: video games)
  • Surf!  Those who carry out web searches showed increased activity in regions of the brain that control reading, language, memory, and visual ability. Regular web surfers showed a significant boost in the areas that deal with decision making and complex reasoning.

Socialize!  Create!

  • Social isolation increases hypertension even more than diabetes does. (University of North Carolina study) Loneliness is linked to a weakened immune system and higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and depression. Take up hobbies! Seniors who have taken up painting, drawing, or sculpting during middle age and continued to old age were 73% less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment than those who did not participate.  These hobbies encourage you to focus your attention. There are countless others!
  • Dance! Dancing reduces the risk of dementia more than any other physical activity.  Why? Learning new steps improves intellectual fitness, and if you dance with a group or partner, you're being social. (Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study)

Physical-Eating Right Helps and Helps Fight Disease! 

  • Two slices of cheese a day (about 44 grams) reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 12%. Nutrients in probiotic cheese and yogurt may lower cholesterol and produce certain vitamins that shield against diabetes (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2012)                                                                                                   Eggs, Lutein, Vitamin E and Omega 3s are good for your eyes and may help prevent age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and other chronic diseases. 

Emotional/Social-Howl with laughter!  Avoid Loneliness; Recall Good Memories!

  • After watching comedy clips, volunteers’ blood vessel dilatation increased 22% after just 15 minutes of laughing; participants received the same vascular benefit as they would from spending 15 to 30 minutes at the gym or taking a daily statin (Dr. Michael Miller: Heal Your Heart) Recalling good memories for just 20 minutes a day make people feel more cheerful (Loyola University-Psychology Today)                        

Based on article “Words to Live Longer and Better” by Andrea Au Levitt Readers Digest, May 2017).  Submitted by Dr. Amy Jo Baker of the Informative &Protective Services Committee