TRTA Public Relations Committee


State Public Relations Committee Chairman
Leroy DeHaven

State Public Relations Committee Members
Mary Ann Dolezal
Royce Greer

Terri Navrkal
Kathy Prado

Policy: The TRTA Public Relations Committee shall promote and publicize TRTA state, district and local unit activities to the general public, all active and retired educational employees and elected officials. The committee shall promote the use of district and local web pages, newsletters, and coordinate the Children’s Book Project. The committee shall collaborate with other standing and special committees as appropriate to further the mission of TRTA.

2016-2017 State, District and Local Unit Public Relations Committee Duties
2017-2018 Second Vice-President/Public Relations Resource Guide

Children's Book Project Request Form
Children's Book Project Local Unit Report Form
Children's Book Project District Report Form

Humor used at the Public Realtions Committee Training Session

In 2016, 142,461 books were distributed as part of the Children's Book Project and the Student to Student Book Program.

Download the Children's Book Project guidelines here
Download the PromotionaI Items form here 

Download the local unit meeting programs here
Download the TRTA Style Guide here
Download the Building Media Relationships here
Download the district and local unit newsletter template here
Download the TRTA Recruitment Poster (letter size)  here 
To order the full size TRTA Recruitment Poster, email us.

Tips for Successful Newspaper Style Writing and Calling a Talk Radio Program
Writing Letters to the Editor of your Local Newspaper and Effective Utilization of Print Media

Sample Letter to the Editor on Protecting TRS-Care
Sample Press Release on the Children's Book Project
Sample Letters on Community Volunteer Service, Student Award Scholarships, District Spring Leadership Conference and District Fall Convention

District and Local Unit content managers introductory video tutorial to create and maintain your webpages