Community Volunteer Service Committee


State Community Volunteer Service Committee Chair
Elva Garcia

State Community Volunteer Service Committee Members
Juanita R. Lira
Jan Robin
Betty Thornton
Johnie Walker

Policy: The TRTA Community Volunteer Service Committee shall promote the identification of community needs and develop programs of community volunteer services. The committee shall receive records of hours of volunteer service from district chairs. The committee shall collaborate with other standing and special committees as appropriate to further the mission of TRTA.

In 2017, TRTA members contributed 6,210,972 hours of community volunteer service valued at $156,205,946.

Independent Sector website on the value of volunteer time

CVS THEME “There is Value in Volunteering”
Altruism appears to be the key motivation which leads to volunteerism. TRTA members are outstanding examples of those who are interested in the welfare of others. These volunteers contribute many hours to helping others and to improving their communities. TRTA volunteers want to “give back” to the communities in which they live. The rewards received from this kind of motivation demonstrate a very desirable intrinsic value in volunteering.

Then why do we bother with reporting the number of hours spent in volunteer work? Call it a form of validation for a large group of retirees who served in the past and continue to serve others. Documented volunteer hours show the general public and our legislators the wonderful contributions made by retired school personnel. Being able to quantify the volunteer efforts increases an awareness of the huge difference TRTA volunteers make. In this way we demonstrate that education retirees are “valuable” assets to their communities and to the state.

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Schools, hospitals, hospice care, community beautification committees, church youth activities, neighbors in need of help, health care/research, fund raisers, listings of organizations needing volunteers in newspapers and local TV ads, TRTA.

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