Fayette County Retired Teachers Association

Fayette County Retired Teachers Association invites all persons in our area who are retired from a school position, particularly if they are beneficiaries of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, to join our group.

We are committed to our members’ information needs concerning monies and benefits, provide a community of support for each other, and contribute to community organizations and local educators.

Our committee chairs are very active in providing the latest information on legislation with an organized conduit to voice concerns to appropriate governmental representatives about our retirement needs and issues. Reminders about benefits available to us from TRS help us to make the most of our retirement. Each meeting features health and personal safety tips, and always includes a stretch/exercise break. Interesting programs and an annual field trip teach us more about our communities, personal finances, health (ex: CPR), local school district leaders, county leaders, estate planning, and much more.

TRTA Foundation receives the proceeds from our Silent Auction in November. Active and retired teachers can benefit from grants for classroom assistance, scholarships to beginning teachers, and disaster relief such as after Hurricane Harvey. Retired teachers in critical need can also receive assistance. We raise money at each meeting for the Children’s Book Project, providing books for very young readers. Local educators are celebrated each January with a big basket of goodies for each school in our county.

We welcome you to any of our six meetings per year in September, November, January, March, May, and June. We usually meet on the 2nd Monday at 1:45 at First United Methodist Church, 1215 Von Minden Rd. in La Grange. For more information, contact our president, Melanie Mica, at mmmica@yahoo.com or 361-772-3068.

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