District 11

The 2020-21 year was a difficult year. The challenges were met by developing news ways to communicate and keep members informed. All twenty one local units in District 11 worked positively and creatively to maintain communication with their membership using ZOOM, emails, newsletters, phone calls and more. All local units also participated in TRTA programs and districts meeting.

The emphasis for this year will be “Celebration”. We want to celebrate accomplishments, and all that we learned this year. It is time to enjoy socializing with colleagues, friends, and family.

The number one goal for the Texas Retired Teacher Association is to have 100,000 members. Inviting potential new members to enjoyable meetings that are entertaining and fun as well as informative is a good way to get new members. Member numbers are important because this is the best way to have influence with legislators to maintain the “Defined Benefit Plan”. This year is the time to address our legislators and find out which are willing to help with our issues especially the need for a COLA. VOTE in elections but be an informed voter. Know where the candidates stand on issues important to you.

Learn from the past and address the future.

Locals Within This District