District 8

District Six TRTA Fall Conference in Huntsville where retired teachers and their state legislators continued to connect the dots. President Johnie Walker opened the meeting and welcomed the guests and members. Ella Gauthier, (TRTA Treasurer) and Brock Gregg gave updates from the TRTA office.

Many of the local state legislators met with TRTA members as they were thanked for their support in the 86th legislative session. Legislators attending were: Earnest Bailes, Kyle Kacal, Cecil Bell, Jr., John Raney, and Terry Wilson. Staff members present were: Kassie Fleming (Sen. Charles Schwertner), Trent Williams and Braden Deckard) Rep. Steve Toth), Linda Parker (Rep. Trent Ashby), Suzanne Badger (Rep. Kyle Kacal), Julie Porter (Rep. John Raney). Dr. James Warner (TRTA District 6 Legislative Chair) introduced the officials to an enthusiastic crowd of very appreciative retirees.

The members enjoyed a delicious meal, a special treats from Patsy Harper the Healthy Living Chairperson, and the Carolyn Taylor the Local Unit Support Chairperson.

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