Hill County Retired Teachers Association

HCRTA Officers (photo above)
Front l-r Linda Yeary – Treasurer, Linda DeWitt – 1st VP, Sammye McPherson – 2nd VP
Back l-r Elaine “Kay” Brown – President, Monte Geren – Parliamentarian/Past President, Sandra Pepper – Secretary


Hill County Retired Teachers Association (HCRTA) was founded in 1966 and  has remained active for the previous 55 years. Our meetings are usually  headquartered at the Hill College campus in Hillsboro, Texas, with some  meetings at other venues of interest. We meet six (6) times each year starting  in September and ending in May. The meeting dates for 2021-2022 will be  posted on this site as soon as the final schedule is approved. 

HCRTA is a local unit of the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA), and  we support the state organization as it advocates for improved benefits for  all education retirees and promotes the well-being of its members. HCRTA  

currently lists 132 members for the most recent year 2020-2021, and  prospective members and guests are always welcome and encouraged to  attend our meetings. Meetings are informal and casual attire is considered  appropriate. Members receive a HCRTA Yearbook each year that provides  detailed information including a membership roster, officers/committee  chairs list, meeting schedule, unit bylaws, sponsor ads, and legislative contact  information. Names and contact Information for TRTA officers/chairs and  board of directors are also included. 

HCRTA encourages members to participate in our local projects that support  our retirees and Hill County students and educators, and to participate in the  TRTA state organization’s activities as time and opportunity allow, which  include the following projects: 

 Children’s Book Project to put books into the hands of children who  otherwise would not have books of their own. 

 Scholarships are made available to selected graduating seniors from Hill  County High Schools to assist them in obtaining post-high school  education/training through Hill College. 

 Community Volunteer Service is encouraged through volunteer assistance  and service to our families, schools, communities, churches, county, and  state organizations. 

Healthy Living can make a difference in your health. . . in your quality of life.  TRTA encourages members to stay active and one of the easiest, most  painless physical activities is walking.

We have retired not “from service but to service.” As we share ourselves with others, we renew ourselves. Tracks in the sands of time were not made sitting down.