As a volunteer for your TRTA local unit, you have many jobs. It’s not always easy, and sometimes you may feel you need another you to get it all done!

The value you add to TRTA has not gone unnoticed, and neither has the effort you put into your role on a daily basis. That’s why TRTA has created a new tool to make your job easier.

TRTAConnect is an easy, secure, time-saving marvel.

With TRTAConnect, you can streamline your membership reporting, pay state dues online, and track your local unit members in real time! With new technology comes new concerns. We want you to be one of the first TRTA local units to try TRTAConnect.

Contact Brenda ( in the TRTA office to participate in a quick training session and learn how easily TRTAConnect can meet your membership reporting needs.

To access the TRTAConnect login screen, click here