TRTAPortal features all of the great features of TRTAConnect, PLUS:

  • Expanded user access – Local President, First Vice President and Treasurer log in using individual member credentials
  • No limit on number of submissions
  • No more monthly deadlines
  • Simplified data entry
  • Members show as paid members as soon as dues are submitted, and more!

After extensive testing with both TRTA staff members and Local Chapter Treasurers, we are excited for the system to launch.

Before you begin accessing the system, please follow these very important and necessary steps!

STEP 1: Watch the NEW TRTAPortal Training Video by clicking here.
STEP 2: View this TRTAPortal Training PowerPoint Presentation.

Please do not proceed with accessing the TRTAPortal until you have completed the aforementioned steps! If you feel comfortable accessing the system after viewing the materials provided in this email, you are welcome to do so. If you are not comfortable doing so, please contact with your questions and concerns.

As a reminder, to access the system, you must visit and log into your TRTA membership profile using your unique individual credentials. If you have forgotten your username and/or password please use the Forgot User Name and/or Forgot Password links to recover that information or send an email to

Please note, with any new technology comes the possibility of unforeseen glitches. If you experience any issues as you acclimate to the system, please contact us at so that we may review and resolve any issues to benefit all system users.



Use the forgot username/forgot password buttons on the login screen or email

Ensure you are logging into your personal TRTA Membership account, not your local chapter account. The local chapter login information you used previously is no longer valid.

Ensure your position as either Local President, Local 1st VP, or Local Treasurer has been submitted to the TRTA State Office. You can do so by sending an email to

NOTE:  Local Presidents can access the TRTAPortal and utilize the various reporting functions. However, Local Presidents are unable to submit member dues. That must be done by the Local Treasurer or First Vice-President.

The member roster is sortable online but can be exported to Excel or CSV, these will be the most adaptable versions to fit your local’s needs.

Member Types

    • NM stands for Non Member. These are members that have been added to the database with no payment applied or members whose membership has been expired for more than 3 years.
    • LM stands for Life Member. These members paid a one-time fee, and their membership will never expire. We no longer offer this type of membership.
    • M stands for Member. These are members who pay annually. You may see that Members have different items in the Category column.
      • Blank Category = Annual Member, will need to renew every year
      • AMBA Category = Member is signed up on an automatic yearly payment by card through AMBA
      • BD or BD-A Category = Member is signed up on an automatic yearly payment by bank draft through TRTA
      • CC = Member is signed up on an automatic yearly payment by credit card through TRTA
    • CM stands for Continuous Monthly. These are members who pay monthly. You may see that CMs have different items in the Category Column.
      • TRS Category = Member is signed up on an automatic monthly payment by TRS Annuity. Their paid through date will be updated each month after their monthly payment has been processed.
      • AMBA Category = Member is signed up on an automatic monthly payment by card through AMBA. Their paid through date will be updated each month after the monthly payment has been processed.

If you have created a new account for a member or found an at large member that is joining your local chapter and you have their state dues to submit, you can add this member to your roster under the section Member Payments and then proceed to add their membership payment.

If you are not submitting payment for the member because they have already paid for the current membership year or are on an automatic recurring monthly/annual payment plan, you will need to email

If the member is a part of another local chapter, you will need to email to request the member be moved to your roster.

Reminder: Members can belong to as many local chapters as they wish.  However, one chapter must be selected for state accounting purposes such as delegate counts, and incentive payments. Moving a member from one chapter to another requires confirmation from the member. The State Membership staff will obtain that confirmation and make any roster adjustments.

To make updates for your membership, email with the information. This includes:

    • Deceased
    • Change of mailing address, email address, phone number, etc.
    • Move member to local chapter or move member to at large list

This information can be found under the Dues Processed tab in Chapter Portal.

At this time, this information will still need to be emailed to