Legislative Committee

TRTA Legislative Committee Coordinator

Dr. Mary Widmier

TRTA Legislative Committee Members

Dora Luz Cackley, District 1, Kathy Norland, District 2, Becky Williams, District 3, Jane Eixmann, District 4, Floyd Broussard, District 5, Dr. James Warner, District 6, Wayne Mason, District 7, Barbara Williams, District 8, Dee Palmore, District 9, Thomas Poore, District 10, Jeanne Paull–Turner, District 11, Alicia Smith, District 12, Mollye Long, District 13, Sharon Daugherty, District 14, Nancy Byler, District 15, Doneice Ray, District 16, Eric McKnight, District 17, Ricky Chandler, District 18, Steve Evans, District 19, Richard Herbst, District 20

The TRTA Legislative Committee shall study pending legislation, develop and implement a plan to promote new legislation, and continuously inform members about related legislation. The committee shall collaborate with the Texas Silver–Haired Legislature, NRTA, other similar organizations, and with other education organizations concerning retirement issues. The committee shall collaborate with other standing and special committees as appropriate to further the mission of TRTA.