Awaiting Gubernatorial Action

Gubernatorial Action on SB 1458 Still Pending

Governor Response to SB 1458 Due by June 16th

TRTA has been in close contact with Governor Rick Perry’s office about SB 1458, the “TRS Actuarial Soundness Bill” that passed this session.

The good news is that TRTA members will not have long to wait to learn if the Governor will sign the bill. The deadline for gubernatorial action is June 16th.

Additionally, TRTA has had many positive conversations with the Governor’s staff and there is a mutual understanding that making the TRS fund actuarially sound is a top priority.

We will keep you posted as this legislation moves through the process in the Governor’s office. For now, TRTA members should feel encouraged that the bill is being given very positive and serious consideration.

While a major push to ensure positive gubernatorial action does not seem necessary, TRTA members are still encouraged to call Governor Perry’s office and leave a message supporting SB 1458. That number is (800) 843-5789.

If the Governor Signs the Bill, When Will Retirees Get their Increase

TRS retirees who retired on August 31, 2004 or before will receive a 3% increase in their annuity as part of the deal reached in SB 1458. Many retirees want to know when the increase will occur.

We should learn more definitive answers later this month at the next TRS Board of Trustees meeting. The annuity increase provision has an effective date of the start of the next state fiscal year, or September 1, 2013. If TRS is able to make the programmatic changes needed for this increase over the summer, it is possible that retirees will see the increase in their September annuity payment, the payment received near October 1, 2013.

We will keep you posted on any new information we receive from TRS.

TRTA Fact Sheet on SB 1458

Members who want to know more about SB 1458 can click here to read a comprehensive fact sheet. Please feel free to share this page with your fellow retirees and active educator friends.

TRTA receives questions about how SB 1458 will impact retirees, active teachers and future educators. The official TRTA fact page answers all of those questions! Be sure to get your FREE copy today (click here).

TRTA Special Legislative Wrap-up

TRTA members did a great job this legislative session. TRTA’s news bulletin, The VOICE, features a complete wrap-up of the 83rd Legislative Session. All members will receive a copy in the mail in late June.
We are putting the final touches on the bulletin. The next membership news bulletin is also our 60th Anniversary Commemorative issue! You will not want to miss this exciting and informative publication!

Membership Update

TRTA is very grateful for all our members! Many of you have renewed your dues for the year already. Again, we say “Thank You!” If you have not renewed your membership or you want to join in TRTA’s PROVEN efforts to protect and improve your TRS benefits, please contact our office at 1.800.880.1650. We will answer any questions you may have happily. If you would rather email us your membership questions, please contact us at

Almost 80,000 TRTA members joined with us this past year. Your efforts helped us achieve many goals this legislative session. We must continue to grow and educate all retirees about our efforts.

Two of the biggest legislative challenges we have ever faced will occur next session: protecting our health insurance benefits and helping retirees that were not included in this session’s cost-of-living increase! Let’s continue to build our numbers, boost our influence, and use our voice to help all TRS retirees!

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