Countdown to the General Election: Texas Educator Voting Day is October 22!

Countdown to the General Election: Texas Educator Voting Day is October 22!

Early voting begins next Monday, October 22 and continues through Friday, November 2. Please make a plan to vote early!

We encourage you to support your local educators and new student voters by voting on Texas Educator Voting Day. Texas Educators Vote and many other education organizations across Texas are celebrating our Texas success in registering over 1.7 million new voters this year—a record for a mid-term election in Texas—by encouraging educators to go vote together. Please read the message below from Texas Educators Vote.

Educator Voting Day: October 22, 2018

We have just passed the voter registration deadline, and there are now more than 15.7 million registered Texans! That is an increase of close to 1.7 million voters since 2014. Your dedication to registering all staff and students surely contributed to this 12% increase in registered voters.

Now is the time to make sure that every registered voter actually votes. In March 2018, 77% of voting-age Texans were registered to vote, but only 13% voted. Registration is a necessary first step, but turnout determines elections.

We hereby declare the first day of early voting, October 22nd, 2018, to be Educator Voting Day! Encourage your staff to vote early, wear their “I Voted” sticker, and model civic engagement for students! The Texas Secretary of State has declared the first Friday of early voting to be Student Voting Day. Please plan for both of these important upcoming events.

To do:

  1. Share the news that Monday, October 22nd is Educator Voting Day.
  2. Share the news that Friday, October 26th is Student Voting Day.
  3. Encourage voters to research candidates and their views on public education issues.
  4. Share our website where voters can learn about how and why voting is so important.
  5. Share key dates:
    1. October 22-November 2: Early voting period
    2. October 22: Educator Voting Day
    3. October 26: Student Voting Day
    4. November 6: Election Day

Social Media Posts you may share:

  1. Educator Voting Day is October 22nd. Model civic engagement by voting the first day of early voting and proudly wearing your “I Voted” sticker! #txed #vote
  2. Student Voting Day is October 26th. Share the news! #txed #vote
  3. Elections are determined by who shows up! Plan when and how you will vote today! #txed #vote

TRTA says “Thank you!” to our leaders and all of our dedicated members for your efforts to encourage civic engagement. You should feel great about what we have accomplished together so far! Let’s celebrate by crossing the finish line together: VOTE EARLY!

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