Amendment Adopted!

Gonzales Amendment Adopted to SB 1

TRTA Members Push Hard and Texas House Responds

Though the notice was short and time was of the essence, thousands of TRTA members sent emails and made phone calls asking the Texas House to adopt an amendment to SB 1 that provides retirees with the possibility to receive a supplemental payment this biennium.

The amendment was offered by Representative Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock) and was adopted this evening on a vote of 135-0! Now, SB 1 will likely go to a conference committee for further negotiation. While the issue is far from concluded, tonight’s vote this was a big step to helping TRS retirees.

We will continue tracking this important issue. For now, TRTA thanks Representative Larry Gonzales for his support and the entire Texas House for adopting this amendment. If you would like to send an email to your Representative thanking them for their support on the Gonzales amendment, please click here.

Thank you for your help! Your actions and the help of ALL TRTA members made a difference for public education retirees.

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