Jane Goodall Honored with A Barbie Doll

Today’s generation of children will get to know Jane Goodall in a new way – with a Barbie doll of the pioneer and conservationist.

Barbie dolls have been around since 1959. The Barbie Inspiring Women Series, one of their newest and most successful lines, puts iconic actresses, leaders, artists, and scientists in Barbie form. In August, they released their latest, commemorating Dr. Jane Goodall, the United Nations Messenger of Peace and the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute.

How Dr. Jane Goodall Got Her Start

But before becoming a world-renowned conservationist, Ms. Goodall was just a kid who liked animals. “I was born loving and being fascinated by animals. And because I loved animals, people gave me animal toys,” she said.

In 1960, when she was just 26 years old, her mentor Louis Leakey selected Ms. Goodall to travel to what is now Tanzania and study the little-known world of chimpanzees. According to her, Leakey chose her because she was female. “He thought I’d be more patient out in the field.”

Since then, Goodall has received many awards and honorary degrees. She was even made Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Now 88 years old, Goodall readily admits her latest honor – the commemorative Barbie doll – is a bit unusual and unexpected, but she welcomes it. She’s been inspiring young people for decades and, thanks to the doll, newer generations will also get to know Jane Goodall. “The original Barbie’s little frilly clothes are very girly-girly. But my career has always interested young people. Many young women have told me they went into conservation or animal behavior because of me, so this is a good thing.”

To reflect Ms. Goodall’s accomplishments in conservation, the Barbie is made from recycled plastic. Barbie’s makers Mattel is partnering with the Jane Goodall Foundation and its Roots & Shoots program. Their objective is to inspire young people to protect animals and the environment.

“You know, the main message is every day you live, you make an impact on the planet and you get to choose what sort of impact you make,” she said. “The cumulative effect of small actions can lead to big change.”

How To Make A Positive Impact In Your Community

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