Senate Bill 19 On House Calendar for August 15

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As members of the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) know, there is a limited amount of time left to pass legislation providing more funding for TRS-Care during the first called special session of the 85th Legislature. The special session will end this Wednesday, August 16.

Senate Bill 19 has been placed on the House General State Calendar for tomorrow, Tuesday, August 15. The bill proposes $212.7 million in funding for TRS-Care to reduce some costs for ALL retirees in TRS-Care. Available funds will be used to bring down deductible, out-of-pocket, and dependent premium costs for pre-65 retirees, as well as premiums and dependent costs for retirees over the age of 65. If passed, this bill would make the new TRS-Care plans that go into effect in January 2018 more affordable for plan participants.

Over the weekend, the House Appropriations Committee met to vote on SB 19, passing the bill unanimously. Tomorrow’s House floor vote will determine whether or not the bill continues to progress in the legislative process.

A live webcast of the House floor discussion and vote on SB 19 will be available from this link tomorrow when the House convenes.

We all want more for TRS-Care, and this additional appropriation is a major step forward and a direct response from the Governor and the Legislature to the needs of public education retirees.

TRTA thanks you for your persistence in ensuring that a bill to provide more funding for TRS-Care continues to move forward. Your voices, coming together as one, are influential! Without the constant communication from retirees all across the state, additional funding for the program will not be possible!

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