TRTA Action Alert – Bills Now In Senate and Need Our Support

TRTA Bills Head to the Senate

Action Alert: Urge Your Senator to Bring the Bills for a Vote

Three bills that TRTA pushed in the House have now been sent to the Senate for action before they can be sent to the Governor.

Please Click Here to Email your Senator! We Need Their Support!

HB 2120 by Representative Doug Miller creates an “open seat” on the TRS Board allowing any TRS member to run for this position (currently the position is limited to a higher education representative).
HB 3542 by Representative Larry Gonzales authorizes TRS to make a supplemental payment to retirees if the fund’s investment earnings exceed 8 percent and if the fund is a minimum 80 percent funded before and after the payment is made.
HB 3747 by Representative Ruth Jones McClendon allows for the direct election of TRS member representatives on the TRS Board of Trustees.

TRTA supports all of these bills and we need your help to get them moving in the Senate. Time is short; please email your Senator today by clicking the link below.

Please Click Here to Email your Senator (same link as the one above)!

We know you have already given so much of your time and attention to these email alerts. Did you know that your voice is added to the tens of thousands of TRTA members who are actively sending these emails with you? Very few organizations generate the response to legislative action alerts like TRTA members generate. Thanks to you and your fellow TRTA members, our voice is loud, consistent, strong, and is being heard! Thank you for your perseverance. We are down to the final stretch of this regular legislative session. Your help is crucial in this final push.
If you are not a member but want to join TRTA as we work to improve benefits for current retirees and protect the pension benefits of future TRS members, please contact the TRTA office at 1.800.880.1650 and we will answer any membership questions you may have.

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