MEMBER ALERT: Tomorrow is Primary Election Day in Texas!

Tuesday, March 1 is Super Tuesday in Texas, and thousands of registered voters in Texas still have not voted in the Primary Election!

According to the Texas Tribune, “over the 11-day early voting period, a total of 1,107,607 voters, making up 12.08 percent of registered voters, cast ballots in the 15 counties with the highest number of registered voters. That’s up from the 565,538 who voted early in 2012, but lower than the 1,193,576 who did so in 2008.

Members, now is the time to rally together with your fellow retirees and any active educators you know to get out and VOTE!

Talk to each other! Local unit leaders, activate your phone trees and ask your members if they have voted. If not, strongly encourage them to make a plan to vote tomorrow. Check with members who you think may need a ride to the polling location and offer to start a carpool!

Polls will be open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Find your polling location by visiting this link. Don’t forget to bring along a valid photo i.d. Encourage your family members, friends, and neighbors to vote too!

As we’ve reported time and again, the primary elections often determine the winners of Texas elections! Many candidates will win their seats at the Texas Legislature uncontested during the November general election.

Elections determine policy outcomes! They are the biggest factor in determining what happens during the Texas Legislative Session.

The Senators and Representatives who are elected during this cycle will have the enormous responsibility of deciding the future of TRS-Care. If nothing is done during the next Legislative Session to TRS-Care, participants in the program could see massive premium increases or changes in benefits, or both!

We must elect officials who see the value in not only the TRS defined benefit plan, but our other valuable retirement benefits as well!

In previously editions of the Inside Line, we have given you a guide to help you find the best candidates in your area. If you are unsure of whom to vote for, use our “Voter Health” series to help you find the best candidate for the job.

We also recommend the following resources to help you conduct research on candidates:

Teach the Vote
Texas Educators Vote
Texas Teachers Vote
Texas Parent PAC
Texas League of Women Voters
Texas Tribune

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