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Children’s Book Project:
The Children’s Book Project (CBP) is a service activity initiated by local chapters of TRTA. The purpose is to put books into the hands of children who otherwise would not have books of their own. Learn about the Children’s Book Project and guidelines here. The Children’s Book Project involves using membership donations, money from fundraising efforts, or contributions from local businesses to purchase books. As Second Vice-President, you will be responsible to make an official decision as to how the book project will be implemented. The President, Second Vice–President, the project chair (if there is one) and CBP committee members should be promoters of this endeavor.  Read about how you can collect books with the Scholastic Book Fairs.

Book plates:
To order the book plates, email In your email include your name, address, local chapter and quantity. Book plates comes in a pack of 250. You may also call 1.800.880.1650 with the same information for your request.

Online reporting:
The 2022 local chapter online reporting form will be available from September 1, 2022 thru February 15, 2023. The district online monitoring page will be available from September 1, 2022 until March 1, 2023. TRTA prefers that reporting be completed on the online form. Please report online here.

Submissions are able to be monitored here. For those without computers, the Local Chapter reporting form and the District reporting form may still be used. To assist you with your reporting, please visit the training material PowerPoint here.

E. L. Galyean Service Award Application

State Award for Outstanding and Unusual Service
E. L. Galyean served as the first Executive Director of the Texas Retired Teachers Association from 1980-1992. He was named Executive Director Emeritus when he retired in 1992. The consummate educator, Mr. Galyean, with his unassuming manner and through his knowledge, leadership, service and direction, laid the groundwork for the strong, viable organization TRTA has become. This award recognizes a TRTA member for outstanding and unusual service on the State level to the Texas Retired Teachers Association and its members. The award also serves as a constant reminder of the distinctive quality of committed service rendered by Mr. E. L. Galyean to TRTA.

Guidelines for the E. L. Galyean Service Award
a. Requirements

  • A nominee must be or must have been (in case of posthumous consideration) a member of the Texas Retired Teachers Association and a local chapter.
  • A nominee must not currently be serving on the TRTA Board of Directors.
  • A list of specific years, contributions, and offices held in TRTA—state, district, and local. As this is a state award, the major criterion will be state—level contributions.
  • A list of other relevant information, e.g. civic organizations, philanthropic involvement, honors/awards received, etc.
  • A recent photo of the nominee (3×5 or larger).
  • A copy of the dated District minutes with the motion to nominate the individual for the award.

b. Nomination Process

  • The TRTA publication The VOICE (second quarter) will publish a call for the E. L. Galyean Service Award nominee annually.
  • The E. L. Galyean Service Award application can be download at
  • The district executive board may submit one nomination per year to the state; the nominee may be from that district or another. The nomination may either be one selected from a local chapter recommendation or one selected only from the district board.
  • DEADLINE: The TRTA office must receive the nomination by November 1.

c. Selection Process

  • Applications for the E. L. Galyean Service Award with any accompanying materials will be sent to the TRTA Second Vice–President from the TRTA office. The TRTA Second Vice-President will review and confirm the applications, contacting individuals if necessary to get additional or clarifying information. The Second Vice–President will bring the applications and information to the January Board of Directors meeting.
  • The TRTA Board of Directors will hear from the Second Vice–President and review the printed materials that have been submitted and vote.
  • A maximum of one E. L. Galyean Service Award will be made during any one year. The Board of Directors may choose not to name an award recipient during any year.

d. Presentation of the Award

  • A presentation will be done for the recipient of the award.
  • In addition, the Board of Directors may approve TRTA’s payment of travel expenses for the recipient to the presentation.
  • A plaque with the names of all recipients is displayed in the TRTA office.

TRTA Officer Filing Form

Running for TRTA Officer Positions

If you are a qualified member interested in running for a TRTA office, please complete the filing form and submit it to the TRTA office. In accordance with the TRTA Bylaws, the elected officers of the association shall be President, First Vice–President, Second Vice–President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Below are steps governing the election of TRTA Officers:

Article VII: Officers of the Organization
Section 1.1

TRTA shall have the following statewide officers, who shall be elected or appointed as specified:
1. The officers elected by the House of Delegates shall be the President, First Vice–President, Second Vice–President, and Secretary/ Treasurer. A candidate for any of these offices shall have been a participating member of TRTA and of a Local Unit for at least three (3) years, and shall have served as an elected officer of a District or Local Unit, but need not have served as a statewide officer.

Article VIII: Nominations, Elections, and Installation
Section 2

The House of Delegates shall elect the officers by secret ballot at the annual TRTA Convention. A majority vote shall elect. If no majority vote is achieved, a run–off election shall be conducted between the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes. If there is only one (1) nominee for an office, a vote for that office may be by voice.

TRTA Policy: Operations
Elections of Officers
Nominating Committee Guidelines
The TRTA staff solicits nominations for candidates to statewide office in the Third and Fourth Quarter issues of the TRTA publication. Nominee forms are available from the TRTA office or TRTA webpage. Applicants should submit their candidate filing form to the TRTA office for verification of the qualifications for office as stated in Article VII of the Bylaws. In order to have biographical data and photos of the candidates published in the First Quarter issue of the TRTA publication, the completed filing form and a printable color photo must be in the TRTA office no later than January 15. A packet, including the “TRTA Officers Handbook,” will be distributed to each candidate. Nominations are closed at the convention on the floor of the House of Delegates.
Campaign procedures to be followed by all candidates for TRTA office are:
1. Whether announced or unannounced as a candidate for a TRTA office, the campaigning period shall begin 90 days prior to the start of the TRTA Convention and conclude upon the election of TRTA officers.
2. TRTA shall not pay campaign expenses incurred for any candidate.
3. During the campaign period, a sitting officer who has an opponent may not use financially reimbursed assignments to district and local TRTA meetings for campaign purposes.
4. Candidates, their local unit, or their district may send campaign materials to other locals and districts and to the TRTA Board of Directors.
5. Name and address mailing labels of district and local unit presidents and the TRTA Board of Directors may be provided to TRTA officer candidates upon written request to the TRTA Executive Director. A payment of $25 is required. The request must indicate that the label information will be used only in the campaign for the current office sought.
6. Candidates will be provided e-mail and telephone contacts for campaign purposes by staff.
7. Prior to convention, a candidate may wish to prepare printed campaign materials for distribution during the convention where a table will be designated for each candidate to use for display and distribution of campaign materials.
8. The Immediate Past President will present a slate of officer nominations to the House of Delegates during the annual TRTA Convention.
9. TRTA shall not endorse any candidate.

Benefit presentation

Retirement Seminars can now be requested directly through TRTAPortal without having to mail in a request form. Attendees can register online and will receive a confirmation from the TRTA website.

Once you have confirmed your date with TRS, log into your TRTA Member profile on the TRTA website and go to Chapter Portal. Select “Retirement Seminar Request” from the middle navigation menu and follow the instructions.

The TRTA state office will create an event registration portal to collect registrations on your behalf which will appear on the TRTA website at Once your event registration is live, you may begin marketing your event using the event brochure below.

If you cannot complete the event request yourself, please enlist the assistance of another local chapter officer or contact the TRTA Membership Department at

How to Register for a Retirement Seminar
How to Access List of Seminar Registrants
How to Submit Retirement Seminar Request

Retirement Education Seminar Flyer Virtual with TRS
Retirement Education Seminar Flyer In Person with TRS
Retirement Education Seminar Flyer Customizable

Scholarship and Grant Reporting Forms

Local Unit Scholarship Grant Form-submit form to your District Treasurer
District Scholarship Grant Form-submit form to the State Secretary/Treasurer

Tax Reporting Forms

Treasurer Mandatory Bonding Form, TR-1 and TR-2 are now Fillable!

Mandatory Bonding Form-submit form to the TRTA office
Tax Reporting Activity Forms (TR-1 and TR-2)-submit form to the TRTA office

Bank Activity (Form TR-2)-Excel format

TR-2 Helpful Hints and Example Sheet


Stilwell Retirement Residence has long been a retirement community for educators all across Texas. Stilwell’s stories and background are an important part of the history of educators in Texas. To learn more about Stilwell and their retirement community, please visit their website.

Join/Renew Membership Form

TRS593 Form (Payroll Deduction) – Complete this form and mail to 313 E. 12th Street, Suite 200, Austin, TX, 78701