Membership in TRTA is More Important Than Ever!

  • TRTA members—it’s MEMBERSHIP MONDAY! If you have already paid your TRTA dues, THANK YOU!
  • Send this email to friends or colleagues who support our cause and ask them to join TRTA!
  • Let your fellow retirees who are not yet members know why the coming legislative session is so important and that TRTA MEMBERSHIP MATTERS!
  • Post on your favorite social media about joining TRTA! Let’s grow together and win more voices in our efforts to help TRS retirees.

Here’s a great message you can share with someone who needs to join TRTA:

“The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is working to pass a cost-of-living increase (COLA)! Inflationary pressure on seniors is at its highest amount in more than 40 years!

The state has a huge budget surplus, and we are now less than three months away from what will be a challenging legislative session.

The work needed to get the Legislature to pass a COLA for TRS retirees starts WITH YOU.

By joining TRTA, you are making a choice to protect and improve your retirement benefits.

Band with us and amplify retirees’ voices in the Legislature! Let’s go into the 88th Legislative Session with 100,000 members or more!”

Thank You!

This message was sent to all Inside Line subscribers regardless of membership status. Please renew your dues if you have not done so already and ask your friends to join us today!

TRTA is the only group that focuses solely on your TRS retirement security! Thank you for being a member of TRTA and supporting issues that affect retired Texas public school personnel.

Be sure to download the TRTA app to receive all of the latest updates and communicate with your fellow retirees.

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