Push to the Polls: Early Voting Down From 2008

According to the Houston Chronicle (subscription only article), early voting has decreased from the 2008 primary elections. The 2008 elections held a particular significance, as they were the last open-seat presidential election year.

During the first six days of the 2016 Texas primary elections, 336,982 votes were cast between the Republican and Democratic parties. Comparatively, 422,561 votes were cast during this timespan in 2008. This represents a 20 percent decrease in total votes cast between the two parties.

As we’ve reported time and again, the primary elections often determine the winners of Texas elections. Many candidates will win their seats at the Texas Legislature uncontested during the November general election. Now is the time to get out and vote!

With this decrease in early voting, your vote will be amplified. Elections are among the biggest factors in allowing us to create change within the Texas Legislature. The Senators and Representatives who are elected during this cycle will have the enormous responsibility of deciding the future of TRS-Care.

If nothing is done during the next Legislative Session to TRS-Care, participants in the program could see massive premium increases or changes in benefits, or both! We must elect officials who see the value in not only the TRS defined benefit plan, but out other valuable retirement benefits as well!

In previously editions of the Inside Line, we have given you a guide to help you find the best candidates in your area. If you are unsure of whom to vote for, use our “Voter Health” series to help you find the best candidate for the job.

Early voting ends on February 26. March 1 is primary election day. TRTA recommends that you cast your vote early! Primary election day will feature long, tedious lines.

Be sure to encourage your fellow retirees, family members, friends, neighbors and active educators in your area to vote!

TRS Board of Trustees to Meet This Week

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) Board of Trustees is set to meet February 24-26 at the Region 10 Educational Service Center, 1st Floor, Collin, Dallas, and Ellis Rooms, 400 East Spring Valley Road, Richardson, TX 75081.

TRTA encourages members to attend this meeting in person if they live in the area, especially on Wednesday and Thursday when topics pertaining to TRS-Care are discussed. You may read the board’s agenda items here.

If you are unable to attend in person, you may view the meetings online via live webcast. Please note that the links below will not be live until the meetings begin for the day. For meeting start times, please view the agenda linked above.

Here is the link to Wednesday’s video stream.

Here is the link to Thursday’s video stream.

Here is the link to Friday’s video stream.

Thank You

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Protecting your retirement benefits is one of TRTA’s top priorities, and your participation makes all the difference! Be sure to stay tuned to our other digital mediums to stay informed on all the latest news and updates. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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