SB 1458 Conferees Named

TRTA Evening Update
SB 1458 Conferees Named
The Senate and House are now negotiating over the different versions of SB 1458. As you remember, the House added several amendments to the original version of SB 1458. One of those amendments added an expanded cost of living increase for TRS retirees. Other amendments provided language for a 13th check and various grandfather provisions for all TRS active employees.

The Senate conferees are: Duncan; Watson; Davis; Williams; and Seliger.

The House conferees are: Callegari, Chair; Alonzo; Branch; Allen; and Stephenson.

The conferees will prepare a report on the final negotiated version of SB 1458. Then, the Senate and House must vote to accept the bill. TRTA is working with all legislative members and our active educator friends to ensure the TRS fund is actuarially sound and that the most number of retirees are helped in this bill.

Please continue to call and thank your legislators for their ongoing efforts to ensure the TRS pension fund’s long-term solvency. The TRTA Contact Your Legislator Hotline is 1.888.674.3788.

Thank you for your continued support and action on this important bill. Time is running out, but please know that TRTA will work until the very last day of this 83rd Legislative Session to help make the TRS fund actuarially sound and provide retirees a much needed benefit increase.

On a final note, we are so grateful for those of you who have already renewed your membership in TRTA or joined as a new member. TRTA will have a special end-of-session wrap-up in the next issue of our membership news bulletin, The Voice. Be sure to renew your TRTA membership in your home-area local unit, or feel free to contact our office with any membership questions you may have (1.800.880.1650).

Our membership numbers are growing every day, but we still need your help. This legislation is very close to seeing final passage, and we will not rest until all stages of this bill are finalized! Together, we have worked to make this a good session for all current and future TRS retirees by helping make the fund actuarially sound and protecting the TRS defined benefit plan. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are the voice for all public education retirees.

Keep watching your email for more TRTA updates as we enter these final days of legislative session! THANK YOU!

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