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As you may have heard, the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is launching a new program! Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) Executive Director Tim Lee shared the great news about a program we believe will return hope to our school children and their parents, active educators, and retired teachers!

TRTF is excited to announce the TRTF Tutor Program powered by Knack, an online service that will match retired Texas public-school teachers with students and their families, as well as school districts that need tutoring services and educational support.

This wonderful new program provides TRTA members with an avenue to give back to their communities, while also allowing them to earn extra income. In addition, the TRTF Tutor Program provides the critical help many of our students and practicing educators need to navigate the challenges of virtual learning.

We believe the greatest teachers are those in our public-school classrooms as well as those who served in our schools throughout their career: that means you, retired teachers! Students will receive not only excellent educational support but will engage on a multi-generational level that improves interpersonal skills when they receive tutoring services from a Texas retired teacher.

TRTF has an ambitious goal of signing up 1,000 tutors by November 16! We know our dedicated TRTA members can surpass this goal and make the TRTF Tutor Program the greatest tutoring service available!

Sign Up Today!

Are you interested in becoming a TRTF tutor through Knack? We recommend reviewing the Knack Tutor User’s Guide to see what’s needed for signing up and to assist you through the registration process. We also recommend viewing the “Tutor Experience” how-to video, which will demonstrate the registration process in real time. After reviewing the guide and video, you may click here to register.

Thank You

Thank you for your continued support of Texas education and love for Texas students. We are excited to share this game-changing program with you. We strongly believe that our members, friends, and supporters will embrace this program with open arms and servant hearts.

This announcement comes right as TRTF approaches its annual fundraising period in November, Foundation Month. Not interested in becoming a tutor, but want to donate to help make this program successful? Please visit to donate today!

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