The March is On: TRS Board of Trustees Elections

Elections are now underway to fill two seats on the Board of Trustees for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS). The members elected to the Board of Trustees of TRS represent your interests! There are two open trustee positions: a Retiree seat and an At-Large seat.

As a retiree you get to vote for one person for the retiree position and one person for the at-large position (active employees may only vote for the at-large seat).

PLEASE do not vote for more than one person per position on your ballot. Otherwise, it will be invalidated.

While TRTA will not tell you how to vote, we will tell you how vital it is that you vote! Are you a retiree who wants your voice represented on the TRS Board of Trustees? Then this conversation is about you!

TRTA members, this is an easy way to send a message that you care about what happens with your pension. Many times, these elections do not have a lot of voter participation. Can you imagine the wow-factor if more than 100,000 retirees voted in this election? It would be amazing!

According to the TRS March Newsletter, “one position will be appointed by the Governor from a list of the three candidates who receive the most votes after nomination and election by TRS retirees who are receiving benefits. The other position, a new at-large seat on the board, will be appointed by the Governor from a list of the three candidates who receive the most votes after nomination and election by both TRS retirees and active members. The at-large seat on the board was formerly reserved for a candidate from higher education. Both appointments will be for terms expiring on August 31, 2023.”

Learn About the Candidates

To read more about all of the candidates, click here! TRTA is honored to have two members running for the retiree position on the TRS Board of Trustees. James D. Nance and Fran Plemmons are both dedicated association volunteers and leaders. Please take some time to read the short biographies listed on the TRS website for all candidates.

How to Cast Your Vote

All TRS members should have received a copy of the TRS March Newsletter in the mail, or will receive it soon. Included with the newsletter is a paper ballot with voting instructions. There should also be a postage-paid return envelope included with the ballot. Eligible annuitants and active employees will have the opportunity to vote via the Internet as well. Instructions for both voting methods are included with the ballots.

Both eligible retirees and active members may now cast their ballots in the at-large election. In addition, eligible retirees may cast their ballots in the retiree election. Retirees may vote for one candidate in both of these elections. (Please note that active members of TRS (current employees) will receive a ballot containing only the names of the candidates seeking to be appointed to the at-large position on the board). Space on the ballots has also been provided for write-in candidates.

To be counted, ballots must be returned in envelopes received by TRS no later than May 5, 2017. This means your ballot must be in the TRS office by that date, not postmarked by that date. Be sure to send your ballot in the mail as soon as possible so that it is received in time!

If you prefer, you may cast your vote online following the instructions included with your ballot. Please note you may only use one voting method: mail or Internet. Internet votes must be cast by 5:00 p.m. (CDT) on May 5.

Names of the top three candidates, along with the number of votes they received in each election, will be submitted to the Governor. The Governor will then appoint one of the individuals in each election to fill a six-year term beginning as early as September 1, 2017.

Make your voice heard and cast your vote today!

Thank You

Thank you for your membership to TRTA. We are fighting ardently for your benefits every day at the Capitol. If you are not yet a TRTA member, please join here. Be sure to read our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions about TRS-Care here.

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