The March is On: TRTA Rallies Members to Action!

March is the most crucial month for legislative action on issues that impact you and your fellow public education retirees. The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is moving full steam ahead, and we need your help!


The Texas Legislature is moving at a rapid pace, finalizing budget discussions, hearing bills in committee, having heated floor session debates, and we need them to be THINKING ABOUT YOU while they are doing the work of Texas!

Here are all the major issues TRTA is watching right now:

  1. TRS-Care

Bills have been filed in the Senate, and the House will file more legislation soon! On Monday, TRTA will send out an Inside Line explaining more about what this means for you! Are you age 65 or over? Are you under the age of 65? Are you an active educator thinking about retiring this year? Then this conversation is about you!

  1. Windfall Elimination Provision

TRTA leaders visited Washington, D.C. earlier this week to meet with Texas congressional members about what the next steps are in repealing this unfair federal provision! Next week, TRTA will let you know more about progress on the WEP! Are your earned Social Security wages being taken away from you? Then this conversation is about you!

  1. The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) Board of Trustees Elections

The members elected to the Board of Trustees of TRS represent your interests! Elections are underway for two open trustee positions: both a Retiree and an At-Large seat. It is vital that you vote! Next week, TRTA will send out more information about all of the candidates and provide you with details on how to submit your vote. Are you a retiree who wants your voice represented on the TRS Board of Trustees? Then this conversation is about you!

  1. The 64th Annual TRTA Convention

TRTA is busy finalizing all of the intricate details that go into planning an amazing annual convention and business meeting. Next week, TRTA will send out training session schedules and more! If you are attending convention, and want to be trained on being the best TRTA advocate you can be, then this conversation is about you!

  1. TRTA Day at the Capitol on March 29

TRTA is marching on the Texas Capitol grounds on Wednesday, March 29, with thousands of retirees ready to rally to Keep TRS-Care Affordable! If you want to attend this day of grassroots advocacy and make your voice heard and get your legislators thinking about you, then make a plan to join us on March 29! Don’t miss this great opportunity to band together with your fellow retirees! If you want to keep TRS-Care affordable for yourself, your fellow retirees, and future retirees, then this conversation is about you!

The Most Important Things You Can Be Doing Right Now

TRTA needs your help! March is the month that will make all the difference in our legislative agenda! LET’S SET OUR GOALS HIGH AND GO FOR THEM!

TRTA is sounding the alarm: anyone in TRS-Care or who will retire soon and plans to enroll may see drastic changes to their health care options! But making no changes will be even worse!

Now is the time to take action! We need EVERY TRTA member involved in the initiative to keep TRS-Care affordable!


  1. Call Your Legislators (use our toll-free hotline: 1.888.674.3788)! Let’s make 25,000 phone calls in March! Make regular, once-weekly phone calls to your elected officials asking them to “Keep TRS-Care Affordable!” Use our helpful phone scripts!
  2. Email Your Senators! TRTA members have sent more than 4000 emails so far. Let’s send 50,000 emails this month! Send your email TODAY!
  3. Vote in the TRS Trustee elections! Read more about the candidates here.
  4. Write an editorial and send it to your local newspaper! You can find a sample editorial here.
  5. Make a plan to join us at Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 29! RSVP via Facebook here!

Thank You

Thank you for your membership to TRTA. We are fighting ardently for your benefits every day at the Capitol. If you are not yet a TRTA member, please join here. Be sure to read our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions about TRS-Care here.

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