TRS Board of Trustees to Meet in Lubbock: A Retreat-Style Meeting with a Hefty Agenda

The TRS Board of Trustees is meeting in Lubbock February 15-17. This is a regularly scheduled meeting that will cover a variety of topics. TRTA will be your voice at these important meetings.

The TRS Board is placing a heavy emphasis on being visible and open with its members. The 6th largest pension plan in the country generally has its meetings at their headquarters in Austin. Usually, at one meeting per year, the TRS Board will meet in a city outside of Austin. This allows more TRS members to see how these meetings function and to interact with the volunteer trustees who oversee the pension trust fund and benefit programs.

This year’s TRS Board retreat has an agenda that covering three full days. You can access the complete agenda by clicking here. A summary of the meeting’s highlights is provided below.

Every year, TRS improves its capabilities for allowing you to participate in these meetings, whether or not you are able to attend in person. This year, TRS is providing live webcasts of all three days of meetings, and offering real-time web question and answer sessions.

Viewers may watch the event live from a computer or smart phone with internet connection wherever they are. For webcast viewing recommendations, please click here.

Following are the links for each day of the meeting. Please note the links will not be live until the meetings officially convene for the day:

TRTA will be in attendance for all sessions of next week’s meeting. Some of the immediate issues that we are expecting to hear about include a discussion of two legislatively required studies on pension benefit design options and TRS-Care, and an overview of financial matters, including financial valuations, assumptions, and operations.

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