TRS Executive Director Search Update

Last Thursday (January 13), the TRS executive director search committee met to advance names for interview for the TRS Executive Director position. Since the last update on this issue, three of the top five candidates set to interview for the Executive Director position withdrew their names from consideration. The selection committee has now advanced three names for consideration; however, as of Friday, one of the recent three has also withdrawn from consideration. The latest to decline consideration is former Texas State Representative Ashley Smith. Now, the TRS Board will interview one internal TRS employee and one external candidate.


Mr. Brian Guthrie, Deputy Director of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, is one of the finalists for the position. Mr. Brian White, Director of the San Diego Employees Retirement Association, is the other finalist. Interviews are scheduled for February 7.


TRTA has had an opportunity to work with Mr. Guthrie since he was hired in 2008. Mr. Guthrie has worked diligently to include TRTA and other constituent groups in information being produced by TRS. He has attended numerous TRTA meetings at the state, district, and local level, and has also been a featured speaker with the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation.


TRTA will attend the February 7 meeting and continue to update you on the TRS Executive Director search.


Concluding Remarks


There is much we must work to protect this session. Next week, TRTA will launch its email advocacy service providing pre-drafted email content you can send to your legislators on the developing budget issues and all TRTA initiatives. We appreciate your willingness to help in these advocacy efforts. Please know that the TRTA Board of Directors, the TRTA State Legislative Committee, and the TRTA staff are all working hard to protect your pension benefits.


Many TRTA members have asked how can they help right now. A great first step is to send the Advocacy Guide featured in the latest issue of the VOICE to your elected officials. TRTA has other advocacy handouts and material available for your use on our web site at Feel free to send this information to your legislators. The more they hear from us, the better chance we have to achieve our goals this session.


I appreciate receiving your emails on the issues presented through the Inside Line. Your dedication to TRTA and your support of this great organization is very much appreciated! Please keep sending your comments, suggestions, and concerns as this information is always reviewed and used to help TRTA move forward and continue to be the voice for ALL public education retirees.

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