TRS Hires New Director

Current Deputy Director will take Lead Role September 1

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) met today to interview candidates and hire a new system Executive Director. Mr. Brian White of the San Diego Employees Retirement Association and Mr. Brian Guthrie, currently serving as the TRS Deputy Director, were interviewed for the position. The TRS Board of Trustees voted to hire Brian Guthrie effective September 1, 2011.


The TRS Executive Director search began last year when current director, Mr. Ronnie Jung, announced plans to retire. The TRS Board named a search committee and hired an executive search firm to field qualified candidates.


The search firm reviewed more than 100 candidates and narrowed the results down to three recommendations. One of the top three candidates withdrew from consideration, leaving Mr. White and Mr. Guthrie as the top two choices for consideration by the TRS Board of Trustees.


While Mr. White’s experience in the private sector and with the San Diego Employees Retirement Association is impressive, the Trustees selected the internal TRS candidate to head the system. TRTA has worked with Mr. Guthrie since he joined TRS in 2008. Brian has worked diligently in his capacity as the TRS Deputy Director and is a regular speaker for TRTA local units around the state. We look forward to working with Brian as he transitions into this new role.


Ronnie Jung, TRS Executive Director, will remain in his position through August 31, 2011. The TRS Board voted to retain Mr. Jung as an executive liaison, where he will assist Mr. Guthrie and the trustees during a transition period through Jan. 31, 2012.


TRTA commends the TRS Board on an open search process for this critical position. Mr. Linus Wright, TRS Annuitant Trustee, served as Chairman of the Executive Search Committee. Mr. Wright’s work is greatly appreciated. Hiring an Executive Director is a very daunting task, but the work invested by the TRS Trustees, their commitment to an open process, and the many opportunities that were provided for public input have made this a smooth process. TRTA will continue to represent you in EVERY TRS Board meeting, and we will work with these critical state leaders to ensure that your fund is managed effectively.


Additional Information

TRTA State Legislative Committee members begin a month-long advocacy effort to promote our TRTA legislative agenda. We will follow up with legislators on your email advocacy campaign to restore funding to the TRS pension trust fund and the TRS-Care health insurance program. Over 14,000 emails have been sent to legislators since last week asking for these cuts to be restored.


We will update you on these meetings and all important legislative activities as the week progresses.


Thank you for your support on these vital issues. We appreciate your service on behalf of the TRTA.

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