TRTA Action Alert: Support Coleman Amendment

TRTA Action Alert: HB 1 to House Floor

Support the Coleman Amendment to Restore TRS-Care Funding

TRTA members have worked diligently since session began asking their legislators to restore funding to the TRS-Care health insurance program. After months of crafting their final budget recommendation, the House Appropriations Committee did NOT recommend any restoration to cuts imposed on TRS-Care or the TRS pension trust fund. This week, the House of Representatives will debate the budget proposal and have an opportunity to amend it.

Specifically, the House will have a chance to vote on an amendment filed by Representative Garnet Coleman (D-147). His amendment restores funding to the TRS-Care program to the full 1 percent level! The Texas House will have a chance to vote in favor of protecting your TRS health insurance program and help keep your premiums from increasing as much as 80 percent!

All TRTA members and anyone interested in preserving an affordable premium structure for TRS-Care participants can click this link to send an email to their legislators asking for their support on this important amendment.

In addition, TRTA encourages you to call your legislators using our toll-free Contact Your Legislator Hotline (1.888.674.3788). This line is staffed by state personnel Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Remember, TRTA members need to ask their Texas House member to vote in favor of the Garnet Coleman Amendment found on page 208 of the CSHB 1 amendment packet.

TRTA will be at the Capitol all week watching this debate and asking for member support. We need all TRTA members and everyone else interested in this important issue to contact their Texas House member.

Thank you to Representative Garnet Coleman for filing this important amendment. Thank you to all of our TRTA members and supporters for responding to this action alert. Your help will bring the necessary attention to this vital amendment!

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