TRTA “Good Voter Health” Series: Day 1

Day 1: Are You Registered to Vote?

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is focused on the election season, and our members should be too! This week, TRTA is providing a series of articles through the Inside Lineabout “Good Voter Health.” What do we mean by good voter health? While there are several key factors in exercising your voter muscle, the first is always that you VOTE!

Many races are decided in the primary elections, but few voters turn out for these spring races. TRTA is here to tell its members that voting in the primary election is more than just important, it is vital! Early voting for the primary elections begins on February 18, 2014 and continues through February 28, 2014. Primary election day is Tuesday, March 4.

Before you can vote in the primary elections, you must be registered to vote! Today, we encourage ALL TRTA MEMBERS to answer this question for themselves: Am I registered to vote?

To confirm your voter registration status, please visit this link provided by the Texas Secretary of State website: Have your driver’s license handy when using this website.

What if I need or want to change my name on my voter registration?

You can also use the Secretary of State site to update your name on your voter registration record. TRTA has received phone calls from members expressing concern about having a different name on their driver’s licenses than what appears on their voter registration cards. If this issue concerns you, please address it NOW. Use the following link to make name changes:

I’m not registered! What do I do?

If you are not registered to vote, REGISTER TODAY! Please use the link that follows to register as soon as possible:

I have a question about my voter registration that hasn’t been answered by the Secretary of State website. Who can I contact?

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your voter registration, please contact your County Election Administrator. A complete list of county election administrators and their contact information can be found at this link:

Where do I vote?

If you are already registered to vote, use today to begin researching voting locations. Remember, if you are voting early, you do not have to vote in your precinct. Consider the time you have available between February 18 through February 28 and determine if you can place your vote on one of those days instead of the busier election day, March 4. Registered and eligible voters may vote at ANY early voting location located in the county of residence.

Check with your Early Voting Clerk at the County Election Administrators office to determine locations within your county where early voting will take place.

Tomorrow, TRTA will focus on the importance of primary elections and researching candidates for political office during Day 2 of our “Good Voter Health” series! Thank you for being a member of TRTA! If you are not a member and are interested in joining, please contact our Membership Department at 1.800.880.1650.

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