TRTA Launches Membership Renewal Website

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) took its next step towards modernizing the TRTA membership experience today with the launch of its Renew Now website. Through this site, members can now renew their dues online!

Renew Now is a huge step forward for the organization. Previously, TRTA members relied upon mail and phone to renew their membership dues. With nearly 80,000 members, the amount of paperwork and manual data entry our staff sees will significantly decrease with the introduction of the online renewal site. This means our staff will have more time to focus on what really matters, protecting your hard-earned Teacher Retirement System (TRS) benefits!

Additionally, the online renewal site will make it more convenient for our members to renew their dues. You will no longer have to call the state office or spend money and time mailing in your renewal form. With a few easy clicks, you can renew your TRTA dues, and rest assured that your access to important news affecting your retirement benefits is at your fingertips!

Of course, we will still offer mail and phone options for our members who prefer traditional methods of payment. We are truly excited for the future of TRTA, and we hope you are too!

Renew your dues online today!

Find Your Local Unit Interactive Map Launched

TRTA has also developed an interactive map aimed at helping our members find and contact their local units.

TRTA’s District Presidents were major contributors to this project, helping us verify and collate the data underlying the map.

Now you can easily select your county and find a local unit near you. Also included is the contact information for the Local Unit Presidents. It is easier than ever to get involved at the local grassroots level.

Contact your Local Unit President to find out the fall meeting date, and join the fight to protect your TRS benefits and repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision.

Local units are the heart of TRTA, and your participation can make all the difference as we prepare for the 85th Texas Legislative Session.

TRTA Local Unit Map

Join Now Site Taking Off

In July, TRTA launched its new Join Now site for members joining the organization for the first time. Since its introduction, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Joining TRTA is easy! Our online sign-up can be completed within minutes.

If you have a friend or family member who is not yet a member of TRTA, now is the best time to encourage them to join. Not only will they enjoy TRTA’s numerous benefits, but they will also start receiving our quarterly news bulletin, The VOICE, and the knowledge that their money is going toward protecting their retirement benefits.

TRS continues to see outside attacks from organizations such as the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. Let’s stand up together to protect our benefits! Please encourage your fellow teachers to stand with you and your fellow retirees and join TRTA.

Thank You

Thank you for your membership in TRTA. Your membership ensures our continued protection of your retirement benefits. The technological advances we’ve made this year are just the beginning.

Through the increasing use of digital applications, we will be better prepared to improve and maintain your benefits. As the world becomes more digitally inclined, so must TRTA, and through our new join and renewal sites, we are better prepared than ever before to achieve our goals!

We have supplemented our Before the Bell project with its own Facebook page. It provides excellent education-centric stories and is rapidly expanding its content! Please take a moment to like this page.


Tim Lee, Executive Director

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