TRTA Wraps Up D.C. Visit, Implores Membership to Put Pressure On Congress

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) visited all 36 offices of Texas congressional representatives this week, as well as meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn’s staff. TRTA’s goal is to get Congress involved in moving forward with Windfall Elimination Reform (WEP).

Now is the time for our membership to get engaged! You can find your representative by using this website. It’s time for action!

We need our members calling their congressional representatives! Ask your representative to advance the WEP legislation put forth by Rep. Richard Neal (H.R. 4540) and Rep. Kevin Brady (H.R. 3934). Use our one-pager to learn about the talking points of this issue.

There’s a lot of noise going on in Congress right now due to partisan political issues. We need our membership to cut through the noise and raise our voices about the unfair nature of the WEP.

Watch Tim Lee’s Facebook Live update about the WEP!

The Texas Retired Teachers Association exists to protect your TRS retirement and fights to make it better. Please consider becoming a member and joining the largest community of TRS retirees in the nation.

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