TRTF Scholarships in Action: How Educators Are Getting a Strong Start

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When Bailey Beck started her college studies, she didn’t think she wanted to go into education. But after engaging in a program called Students Expanding Austin Literacy, she fell in love with teaching young people how to read and write.

“Originally going into college, I was an Anthropology major, and I quickly realized that wasn’t for me,” Beck said. “I fell in love with working with students and helping them grow. It was just my favorite thing to see them (go from) where they started to where they finished.”

Beck has now started her first year teaching at Hemphill Elementary in Kyle, Texas. She’s teaching 4thgrade reading, writing and math.

“Fourth graders are getting to that age where they are starting to be a lot more independent,” Beck said. “But they’re still really loving and they still want to please you.”

Her classroom received a jump-start in the form of a $750 scholarship from the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF). Beck used the scholarship to purchase a variety of classroom items including: bulletin board materials, 31 book bins, a pencil sharpener, a big board calendar and extra chairs for her students.

“TRTF and what they are doing is just really helpful for teachers,” Beck said. “It’s just really cool what they did by giving us this scholarship.”

Beck’s goal this year is to instill a sense of confidence in her students. She wants them to believe that they can become readers and writers.

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