Welcome to Foundation Month 2017

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is the charitable arm of the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA). TRTF is responsible for providing grants and assistance to active and retired educators. November is the month that TRTF hosts its donation drive known as Foundation Month.

Foundation Month is a time to celebrate the charitable works TRTF has provided to educators throughout the year, and look forward to another year of selfless giving and life-changing work.

TRTF has three primary charitable programs: Classroom Assistance Grants, A Helping Hand and Beginning Teacher Scholarships. Each of these programs is set to expand and improve in the coming year.

TRTF will provide 15 Beginning Teacher Scholarships in 2018, and each of these scholarships will be worth $750. These scholarships aim to help new, first-time teachers with certification tests and classroom supplies. Interested parties may download the application here.

TRTF is doubling the number of Classroom Assistance Grants next year, bringing the total number of grants given to 30. Each Classroom Assistance Grant is worth $500. These grants are provided to active teachers seeking to improve their classrooms. Interested parties may download the application here.

The application deadline for the Beginning Teacher Scholarships and Classroom Assistance Grants is March 15, 2018.

The “A Helping Hand” program is set to disburse $17,500 in 2018 to retired educators in need. Since the program’s 2010 inception, “A Helping Hand” has given more than $110,000 to 107 retired educators.

2017 has been a particularly difficult year for many educators, as the Texas coast was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. TRTF brought educators together to raise more than $130,000 for victims of the hurricane through its Disaster Relief program. So far, TRTF has helped more than 450 educators with $250 short-term grants and long-term grants in amounts up to $1,000.

Show your support for public education by donating to TRTF. As TRTF continues to expand its programs, it promises to help many more people. You can donate to TRTF here.

Thank You

Thank you for donating to TRTF! Your contributions truly help change lives!

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