What’s Next for TRTA: Fighting Against WEP and GPO

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is recognized nationally as one of the most respected voices on how to fix the arbitrary and harmful Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO)—and that is thanks to YOUR MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT!

Because of the continuing efforts of our dedicated members, TRTA maintains a physical presence in Washington, D.C. at times when WEP and GPO are discussed. We have also developed the necessary partnerships with the Texas congressional delegation here in Texas as well as in Washington.

Thanks to you, TRTA has a seat at the table, and is well-known and respected. Your voice is being heard by decision makers from Texas as well as from around the country!

TRTA has started its spring membership drive for 2024-2025. You may have received a renewal notice from TRTA in the mail recently. Members, we want you to know that we need you—each and every one of you!

Please, renew your membership and continue to help us fight against these harmful provisions! Our strength lies in our growing member network, and we need everyone with us in this vital fight to restore Social Security benefits for hundreds of thousands of Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) retirees!

Eliminating the unfair WEP and GPO are top priorities for TRTA. These federal provisions drastically reduce or even eliminate benefits for public servants across the nation, and especially for Texas public school employees who did not pay into the program during their careers In Texas schools.

WEP and GPO have been at the forefront of TRTA’s federal priorities for decades, with little traction being made in Congress to rectify a blatant wrong that affects not only educators, but firefighters, police officers, and other public service employees as well.

Testimony from recent congressional hearings provided stark differences in views on how to move forward with fixing WEP and GPO, but also contrasted the vastly different views of the coming Social Security reforms that may impact the nation.

Here’s what TRTA knows without any doubt: the time to perpetuate bad public policy at the expense of those who cannot afford to lose their hard–earned Social Security benefits must come to an end!

Public workers deserve to have these issues resolved. Congress must make this a priority! Now is the time for a bipartisan solution to make a difference for all public workers hurt by the WEP and GPO.

When TRTA members work together, they accomplish great things!
Our members worked hard in 2023 during the 88th Legislative Session and November General Election to ensure that thousands of TRS annuitants received a supplemental payment and cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

That is the value of membership in TRTA! Our vast state network ensures relationships with legislators who see retirees not just as a number, but as people who have made a difference in the lives of students and impacted the future of Texas.

But please know: There is always more work to be done as we strive to get more money back into the pockets of deserving Texas education retirees!

Members, please, gather your former colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family members and tell them how important it is to work together to reform WEP and GPO!

The fight to win on these issues will take more: more members, more determination, and more stamina! This is no small fight, but TRTA members are up to the challenge.

The more people who join TRTA, the better chance we have of winning on these issues to improve lives of all current and future TRS retirees!

Please, help keep TRTA at the forefront of WEP and GPO reform. Renew your dues today!

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