Beaumont Association of Retired Teachers

The Beaumont Association of Retired Teachers is an organization of all retired school personnel. We encourage volunteer opportunities in the community, and we strive to promote the professional, economic, intellectual, and social well being of our members. We have a growing book program for elementary schools which is supported by members donations and drawings of prizes and fun trips. Each year the number of books donated to two or three elementary schools grows.

Our unit works diligently to safeguard the teacher retirement system of Texas by being interested in all legislation affecting the system; affordable healthcare is one of our main priorities along with cost of living raise, s and keeping the system actuarily sound.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month with the exception of October when we host the District 5 meeting and it is held on the first Thursday of October. All meetings are held at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 11:30am for lunch, a guest speaker and drawings for prizes, including the October District 5 meeting. Members are charged $10 for their catered lunch provided by a variety of local restaurants.