Bell County Retired School Employees Association

The Bell County Retired School Employees Association was organized in 1962 under the name of Temple-Bell County Retired Teachers Association. In 2017, the general membership of the organization chose to change the name of the local organization to BCRSEA to be more welcoming and inclusive to ALL area retired school personnel.

To that end, our organization works to:

• Elevate the status of all retired school personnel.
• Encourage all members to use their talents, their training, and experience in furthering the educational, social, and civic growth of the community, the state, and the nation.
• Afford opportunities for united action in solving problems related to the needs of all retired school employees.
• Cooperate with the Associations of Active School Personnel and with other Associations of Retired Persons in solving problems of mutual concern.

We welcome as active members, any retired personnel who is an active annuitant of or who is eligible to receive annuity benefits from a Teacher Retirement System.

We also encourage and welcome any person who is interested in education and the purposes of the Texas Retired Teachers Association, “the voice for all public education retirees”, to join BCRSEA as an Associate Member.

BCRSEA Calendar:

Bell County Retired School Employees meets the first Thursday of every month from September through May. Meetings are held at various local school districts. (Exceptions: December and May luncheons are held at Country Lane Apartments, Loop 363 and M.L.K. Drive, Temple, TX – reservations required.)

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