Happy New Year From the Texas Retired Teachers Association!

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is ready to move forward in 2017 thanks to the determination and steadfast support of our 80,000 members all across this great state!

The TRTA staff returned to the office on January 3. Staff members are answering pertinent questions about the TRS-Care retiree health insurance program, processing membership dues and convention registrations, and returning members’ emails and phone calls.

We have been very busy! We are thrilled to share in the enthusiasm that our members are showing in the first few days of the year, and with this momentum, we can accomplish great things in the legislative session that begins on Tuesday, January 10.

We have hundreds of members ready to commit to TRTA’s causes, and this means we also have a high volume of requests this week! If you have left us a message, mailed us your dues, or sent us an email, please know that we are working as quickly as possible to respond to your request.

We so appreciate your desire to start the year off right by standing with TRTA! If you have not done so already, please write a letter to your Texas state legislators using the template found on page 5 in the fourth quarter issue of The VOICE that arrived in your mailbox in December.

Or, download the template here!

Please mail your letters to:


Attn: TRS-Care

313 E. 12th Street, Suite 200

Austin, TX 78701

If you are not sure who your Texas State Senator and Texas State Representative are, please visit this link and enter your address to find out who represents you on issues affecting your retirement benefits!

We have received hundreds of your letters already. Let’s see if we can receive thousands of letters at the TRTA office in Austin by January 20!

Our state legislative committee will begin meeting with Senators and Representatives by the end of the month, and they are excited to hand-deliver your personal notes to your elected officials. Nothing has a greater impact on your legislators than telling your story in your own words!

We want every legislator to receive a letter, in fact, multiple letters! Even if you think your Senator or Representative already has received several letters, send in another one.

Now is our opportunity to reach out to the Texas Legislature and work with them to find better options for TRS-Care. Without your input, this effort will be more challenging.

Let them know that you want to be a part of the solution. Ask them for their help in ensuring that public education retirees have access to quality, affordable health care!

Additionally, communicate with your fellow friends and family members who are not TRTA members about the TRS-Care crisis. If you really want to help us grow TRTA membership, give your recent bulletin to a fellow retiree who is not a member. You can also take it to your former school, and ask the staff to leave the bulletin in a teacher common room. We must have the strongest voice possible to protect TRS and its vital retirement security programs.

Thank You

Thank you for your membership to TRTA. If you are not yet a member, we need you to help us protect your retirement security. Please join TRTA today!

Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Year-end, tax-deductible donations to TRTF can be made online here.

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