Making a Difference: TRTF Offers New Beginning Teacher Scholarships!

As our members may know, November has been designated by the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) Board of Directors as Foundation Month, a time to increase awareness of our charitable partner organization’s programs, good deeds, and plans for the future!

Just in time for Foundation Month, the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is pleased to announce its newest program, Beginning Teacher Scholarships!

Previously, TRTF offered scholarships for high school graduates seeking to study education and college students pursuing their degrees. Beginning Teacher Scholarships replace that program, and will be given to recent college graduates who need money to purchase classroom supplies and pay for teacher certification tests.

Ten scholarships will be provided in 2017. Each scholarship is worth $750! If you know of a soon-to-be or recent college graduate who will begin teaching for the first time in the fall of 2017, have them apply for the scholarship via this application. The deadline to submit applications is March 16, 2017.

Members can donate to the Foundation to support this program here.

The TRTF Board of Trustees spent their careers in public education, and now they are giving back to the community by volunteering their time. Unanimously, their advice for new teachers is simple: love what you do!

Elva Garcia worked as a home economics teacher for 35 years at San Diego High School in San Diego, Texas. Her inspiration to teach came from her home economics teacher.

“I loved her method of teaching,” Garcia said. “At the end of the day, on certain days of the week, we had an end product to either eat or to wear or whatever the case was.”

During Garcia’s time as a teacher, she learned the value of teaching with passion.

“I never wanted to be an administrator. I loved what I did. I loved my students,” she said. “When I retired, I missed them more than I missed my colleagues.”

Garcia’s best advice for new teachers is to be well-prepared and punctual.

“They need to arrive at school early enough to where the students can see that she cares. That she’s there before they’re there,” Garcia said.

Lynn Granzin worked 41 years in public education between San Angelo ISD, Lubbock ISD, Bronte ISD and Miles ISD. Her primary purpose was to teach math. She believes the new generation of teachers are under additional pressure to make sure students are receiving passing grades.

“The pressure comes from the state to begin with,” Granzin said. “Of course, then it trickles down to the superintendents and to the principals… Your schools have to pass in order for the school to be accepted.”

Carlos Ortiz serves as TRTF’s Vice-President. He worked in public education for 33 years as a math teacher, principal and associate superintendent at Alamo Heights High School and North Side ISD in San Antonio, Texas. His best advice for a beginning teachers is to master the subject.

“In your subject matter, whether it be English or math or elementary education, know the how and the why of teaching,” he said. “Know how to reach what that youngster has between his ears.”

Ortiz said the most important information a teacher needs to know is the student’s name. He describes it as “the sweetest sound” a student can hear.

Donate Today!

Foundation Month is when TRTF makes its annual call for donations. It is a time to give back to the education community and reflect on the great legacy of public education.

Thank you for your generous contributions to TRTF. So far, TRTF has raised over $33,000! TRTF will continue to improve the legacy of public education through its Beginning Teacher Scholarship program.

The future of Texas lies in the hands of educators, and with your support, we can make that future even better and brighter! Please help us reach our goal of $100,000 in donations by the end of 2016. Donate today!

You may donate to TRTF online here, or you may call and donate over the phone with a credit card at 1.800.880.1650 (please ask for Dawn).

The third quarter issue of The VOICE also featured a special article about the Foundation, along with TRTF’s annual appeal letter and donation card. You can mail in your donation using the pre-paid envelope included with your issue. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank You

Thank you for considering the Foundation when you do your charitable giving this year. Your donations help educators of the past, present and future!

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