One More Chance for Possible Payment

Contact Your Legislator Today

The Texas House is debating a school funding bill today. Representative Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock) has filed an amendment that would add the language from HB 3542 to this bill. As you will recall, HB 3542 provides an opportunity for TRS retirees to receive a supplemental payment if certain conditions are met. We need the House to accept the Gonzales amendment to give retirees a chance at receiving a supplemental payment in the coming biennium.

TRTA members need to contact their Representative today and ask them to support the Larry Gonzales amendment that provides retirees an opportunity to receive a supplemental payment.

You can email your legislators by clicking here. You can also call your legislator by using the toll-free TRTA “Call your legislator hotline” at 1.888.674.3788.

We will update you on this issue later today. Thank you for all your help.

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