Boost Your Brain Power

It is not too late to enhance your brain power and learn ways to help your thinking skills.  After numerous studies by the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic, there is evidence that our lifestyle steps may reduce brain disease risks such as dementia by 40 percent.

Here are some recommendations to preserve and even enhance your thinking skills. We all know that our daily food intake and amount of movement play an important role in our total body’s health, but we want to know specifics. Here are some detailed recommendations.

Watch your numbers-monitoring your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are essential. Hypertension or diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the brain, affecting your thinking and memory.

Make learning a lifelong pursuit-try new activities to reduce cognitive decline.  The Alzheimer’s Association says that anything that stimulates your brain counts such as “learning to paint, attending a lecture on a new subject, participating in a new exercise class-especially if it brings the chance for some social engagement”.

Physical Activity-30 minutes a day of moderately intense exercise such as a brisk walk, 5 times a week is recommended. Other activities that are also beneficial are yoga which eases stress and teaches you unfamiliar moves which causes your brain to concentrate. Same with Tai Chi or dance which can be cognitively challenging causing you to focus. Lifting weights, you are also focused on your form and performing specific moves. Using small weights or even exercise bands can also achieve the same results.

Next month we will learn about several more areas to help us increase our “brain power”. Meantime, keep eating right, exercising, and socializing with your friends. Remember “what is good for your heart is good for your brain.”

Source: Consumer Report, June 2022

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