Tim Lee Interviews Rep. Ken King

The Texas Retired Teachers Association’s Executive (TRTA) Director, Tim Lee, interviewed Rep. Ken King (R – Canadian). The interview was conducted on Facebook Live and YouTube. King answered questions regarding HB 430, which he filed before the legislative session, and a potential cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for retired educators.

TRTA thanks Rep. King for joining us today and opening discourse on how to improve health insurance for retired educators.

In a Nov. letter to school personnel (both active and retired), Rep. King wrote that the current TRS-Care model is subject to “the mood of the Legislature every two years” and leads to “huge increases in premiums.”

TRTA believes that any solution for TRS-Care:
1) Provides public education retirees with quality healthcare benefits.
2) Is widely accepted by Texas medical providers.
3) Is cost efficient for all program payors.
4) Is accessible for retirees with manageable premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

We also believe that long-term funding solutions should be tied to the actual cost of healthcare and not arbitrarily tied to active teacher payroll.

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