TRTA Staff

Tim Lee

Executive Director

Directs TRTA office and legislative program; provides organizational support to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors and represents TRTA at TRS, in the Texas Legislature, Congress and at various public gatherings. TRTF State Coordinator. General Partner, 12th Street Limited.

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Rosalind Johnson

Deputy Director

Works with Executive Director to manage TRTA staff and maintain office. Maintains TRTA and TRTF financial records, oversees commented annual audits for TRTA, TRTF, TRTA GP LLC and Twelfth Street Ltd. entities and coordinates all information for the required tax returns. Works with management company to oversee state office building and tenants. (Committees: Executive, Finance and Convention).

Brock Gregg

Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships and Member Outreach

Assists with the legislative development and contact teams. Serves as liaison to District Presidents. Works with the Executive Director to review plans, programs and advancement of objectives to ensure annual goals. (Committees: Legislative and Retirement Education).

Cindee Sharp

Associate Director, Communications and Operations

Manages TRTA internal operations procedures, support staff for legislative efforts, writes and edits all publications. (Committees: Executive, Legislative, Conventions and Organizational Affairs).

Laura Rios Escareño

Graphic Designer

Designs all publications, promotional items, and direct marketing materials. Designs the Foundation publications. (Committees: Communications).

Brenda Faught

Senior Membership Analyst

Oversees membership database and payments, answers calls from local and district treasurers, manages convention registration, trains district and local volunteers to use TRTAPortal, serves as liaison with third party software and network support vendors. (Committee: Retirement Education and Membership Volunteer Service).

Madeleine Watts

Membership Analyst

Processes membership enrollments, renewals and event registrations. Responds to membership inquiries from individuals and local chapter officers. Assists local chapters with TRTAPortal data management. Provides administrative support for the membership database and in other essential areas of the membership department. (Committees: Membership Volunteer Services and Retirement Education).

Ashley Jaramillo

Operations Coordinator

Works with the Executive Director and Deputy Director on operations, program integration, volunteer leadership, organizational planning, and internal team coordination. Maintains the Executive Director’s calendar and travel arrangements. Organizes and prepares materials for Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings and events such as DPLC and Convention. (Committees: Convention, Executive, and Organizational Affairs).

Roy Varney

Multimedia Specialist

Generates video and social media content, assists with district and local chapter web pages, writes and edits all publications. Generates video for the Foundation. (Committees: Legislative, Communications, Health and Safety Committee).

Sarah Richardson

TRTF Senior Operations and Programs Advisor

Manages the charitable programs for the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation, including administering the “A Helping Hand” and Tutor Programs, and processing grant and scholarship applications, and TRTF donations.

Lena Sauer

Membership Assistant

Processes membership enrollments and renewals and responds to membership inquiries from individuals. Provides administrative support for the membership database and in other essential areas of the membership department. Answers and directs incoming calls as needed.