TRTF “Donate Your Date” Fundraiser Launches Today!

Today, March 22, 2021, the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) launches its first-ever “Donate Your Date” fundraising campaign!

As our public education retirees continue to deal with the ramifications of COVID-19, the need for financial assistance continues to grow. Many retirees who supplemented their income with substitute teaching either lost those jobs or had to make the tough choice to stay home due to health concerns.

This also marks the first year in TRTA’s new two-year cycle that there will not be an annual convention. In years past, TRTF hosted a meal event to raise funds for its many charitable programs during the convention. This year, TRTF had planned to do something similar for TRTA’s Zoom to the Capitol event; however, the event will now be held virtually instead of in person.

The TRTF Board of Trustees asked themselves, “How do we support retirees in need and fund our scholarships and grants for active teachers while ensuring the health and safety of TRTA members?”

TRTA Executive Director Tim Lee had the perfect solution: “DONATE YOUR DATE!” TRTA members who know Tim Lee personally know his heart is as big as Texas! The idea is simple and very effective for our virtual fundraising event—not to mention FUN!

What Does “Donate Your Date” Mean?

Tim Lee explains in this helpful video!

The idea is to donate an amount of money based on a date that is meaningful to you!

For example, Tim Lee started working for TRTA in 2004. He wants to donate $200.40 to TRTF to honor this important milestone in his life! Other great examples include donating based on a wedding anniversary, a child or grandchild’s birthday, or even the day you retired or joined TRTA!

Is your wedding anniversary on February 14? Consider donating $2.14, $21.40, or $214! Maybe someone you love received the great news they beat cancer on June 8, 2014 and you’d like to honor them by giving $68.14!

Any amount will be a tremendous help to TRTF as we strive to fund our important programs, like “A Helping Hand,” the Disaster Relief Fund, the TRTF Tutor Program, and more!

How to Donate Your Date!

  1. Make a donation online! Visit Prefer snail mail? Download the special donation form and mail to TRTF, Attn: Donate Your Date, 313 E. 12th Street, Suite 220, Austin, TX 78701.
  2. Email your story of why you chose this special date to (feel free to include a photo or short video). TRTF will share Donate Your Date stories on the TRTA Facebook page and app throughout the spring and until the campaign ends in June 2021.
  3. Attend our virtual bring-your-own-lunch/Donate Your Date fundraiser event on April 7, 2021 on Zoom! All persons who RSVP to TRTA’s Zoom to the Capitol event will receive the unique Zoom link in their email the week of March 29.

Thank you!

Thank you for being a member of TRTA! Be sure to download the TRTA app to receive all of the latest legislative updates.

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