Private Information Compromised on Comptroller’s Web Site

Security Failure

Comptroller’s Office Makes Statement

An alarming statement was issued by the Office of Texas Comptroller Susan Combs yesterday. For over a year, that agency has left sensitive personal information about people in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), and the Employees Retirement System (ERS) on an unsecured public server. This major security breach has exposed millions of Texans to the malicious actions of identity thieves and other criminals who may want to use such information to take advantage of public servants and retirees.

The Comptroller’s office is saying this security breach has now been closed and that an investigation into this issue is now ongoing. In addition, the Comptroller is working with the Attorney General’s office as part of this investigation.

The full statement from the Comptroller’s office can be read by clicking this link.

TRTA is very concerned about this matter and we will not rest until we are assured that security protocols are in place now to protect your identity at this agency. We have been advised that TRS members will be receiving letters in the mail as early as this week explaining this situation.

A special website and phone number are available from the State to answer your questions. The Comptroller’s Office does not believe there are any indications that this information was downloaded and used by cyber-predators, but it is too early to know and the proper measures MUST be taken by the State to protect your personal information.

TRTA is continuing to investigate this issue and we will post updates as they are available.

Please click here to read the Comptroller’s statement about the steps you can take to protect your identity.

Again, TRTA is not going to let this matter go unresolved. We will keep you updated on who may have taken this information and the risks it may pose to your identity. We know this is unsettling news and we will work together to see that the Comptroller’s office and the state address these issues appropriately.

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