SB 7 to Be Heard by Full House Tomorrow

Senate Bill 7 has been placed on the calendar for debate on the House floor tomorrow, August 27. SB 7 would provide a supplemental payment to eligible TRS retirees.

What it means. SB 7, if passed, would authorize a supplemental payment to retired educators equal to the lesser of a retiree’s current monthly annuity or $2,400 dollars. In addition to authorizing the payment, the Legislature is appropriating $701 million in General Revenue, which would be provided by House Bill 5 by Rep. Greg Bonnen (R – Friendswood). HB 5 isn’t on the calendar for debate yet.

Senate Bill 7, which passed out of the House Appropriations Committee earlier this week, has now been set for a debate and vote on the House floor tomorrow, August 27. The floor session will begin at approximately 10:00 a.m. and a live feed of the debate will be available from this website once it starts.

What you can do. Use our Action Alert to contact your Representative.

TRTA supports SB 7 and HB 5. We have worked in both special sessions to help get these bills passed. TRTA also supports Legislative action to address a cost-of-living increase for retired educators as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to TRTA updates as the bill progresses tomorrow as well as updates on HB 5!

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