The Importance of Foundation Month

It’s Foundation Month! In my mind, I believe it’s been Foundation Month in the great state of Texas ever since the first school opened before the Republic of Texas was established. Teachers are the foundation for everything good that happens in our state. We know that teachers make things happen. Our patience, love, knowledge, dedication and generous spirit make Texas great.

However, we also know that for all the good we do, the appreciation and salary is not commensurate. Fortunately, that does not hinder what we have and want to give to others. Your Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) does what its name implies. We are the base, the underlying structure that supports our members.

Can you imagine our retirees needing help to pay heating bills or to purchase a heater to stay warm in the winter? How about retirees needing help to get dental work, glasses or hearing aids? What if you knew that there are retirees that need help paying medical bills for surgeries and cancer treatments? Would you believe that there are retirees that need help paying taxes so they can stay in their home? Would you help a retiree that had just finished cancer treatments, then came home to see the pipes in her bathroom leaking water for several days? The water caused mold to grow so that it was not safe to utilize the bathroom for months!

Well, all of these events and more have happened to some of our retirees. Because of your generosity, your Foundation has been able to help hundreds of retirees get their lives supported again. Since 2010, TRTF has made a commitment to help every retiree that qualifies. Unfortunately, these requests keep coming in.

We also have made a commitment to honor and help classroom teachers with Classroom Assistance Grants. We believe in perpetuating the teaching profession with Scholarships for future teachers. And finally, our Legacy Campaign helps make TRTA and the Foundation visible through support of the Texas Teacher of the Year (TOY) program, social media and videos, and attending professional teacher conventions throughout the year.

There are nearly 80,000 members of TRTA. If we all give a little, we could do a lot! Foundation Month is your opportunity to make a difference for a colleague that could use help, create an opportunity for classroom teachers and students, or help open the door for a new teacher brimming with youthful enthusiasm to teach young minds.

Thank you for your donations, and the prayers and hope you send along too.


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Jamie Larson

President, TRTF Board of Trustees

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