TRS-Care: What’s Next

Dear TRTA Member,

Thank you for your tireless advocacy efforts in protecting your benefits provided by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS).

Your calls, emails and visits to legislators are truly making a difference. Legislators have heard your voice, and are formulating plans to try to help our cause.

However, many legislators are preparing to leave their offices for Easter break.

I want to ask all of you to simply take a breath and rest through this weekend.

There are moments when the best action is to rest, allow others to work on our behalf and reengage when needed. Now is a good time to wait on sending additional communication to your legislators.

It is a critical time in the legislative process. Many legislators are working hard to solve the TRS-Care issue. The issue of funding TRS-Care’s $1 billion budget shortfall to provide health care to retired educators is complicated and challenging.

TRTA is looking forward to working with our House members to create a piece of legislation that keeps TRS-Care affordable.

Our friends in both the House and the Senate are evaluating the best steps to take with the time remaining this session to address the TRS-Care issue.

I am suggesting to you that we give them some time to work together on your behalf, to evaluate what we know and determine the best course of action to pursue.

Our work is not over, not by a long shot, BUT we can and should take a pause on our communication efforts into the legislature. Please rest up for what will be a busy last half of this regular legislative session.

Thank you for all that you do to help us. I say so often that our TRTA members are the best advocates in ALL of Texas. You are all AMAZING!

Please enjoy the weekend break, and let’s all agree that we will regroup next week.

Gratefully yours,
Tim Lee
Executive Director
Texas Retired Teachers Association

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