TRTA Calls for WEP Action; “Doing Nothing is Unacceptable”

TRTA, along with ATPE and the Mass Retirees Association, is calling for action on the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)! Time is running out. Congressman Richard Neal (D – Mass), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, needs to act before the current legislative term ends!

We need your help today!

Please continue making phone calls and sending emails this week. We need to use our momentum to its fullest and push for a solution now!

We have an opportunity to create change in the WEP, but the opportunity is being squandered by congressional inaction. We need to refocus them on our important issue! They need to know that doing nothing is unacceptable.

Today, we’re focused on contacting leader all Texas congressional members. If you are not sure who your U.S. Representative is, you may use this feature online to find out.

Call Your Congressman Today and Tomorrow!

Message: Inflation is having devastating consequences on Texas retired educators. We believe a bipartisan Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) solution is possible! Please call Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal and tell him the time to commit to passing a WEP solution before Congress adjourns this year is NOW! Please call and ask speaker Pelosi and leader McCarthy to add WEP to an end of the year package!

District Name Party Phone
1st Gohmert, Louie R (202) 225-3035
2nd Crenshaw, Dan R (202) 225-6565
3rd Taylor, Van R (202) 225-4201
4th Fallon, Pat R (202) 225-6673
5th Gooden, Lance R (202) 225-3484
6th Ellzey, Jake R (202) 225-2002
7th Fletcher, Lizzie D (202) 225-2571
8th Brady, Kevin R (202) 225-4901
9th Green, Al D (202) 225-7508
10th McCaul, Michael T. R (202) 225-2401
11th Pfluger, August R (202) 225-3605
12th Granger, Kay R (202) 225-5071
13th Jackson, Ronny R (202) 225-3706
14th Weber, Randy R (202) 225-2831
15th Gonzalez, Vicente D (202) 225-2531
16th Escobar, Veronica D (202) 225-4831
17th Sessions, Pete R (202) 225-6105
18th Jackson Lee, Sheila D (202) 225-3816
19th Arrington, Jodey R (202) 225-4005
20th Castro, Joaquin D (202) 225-3236
21st Roy, Chip R (202) 225-4236
22nd Nehls, Troy E. R (202) 225-5951
23rd Gonzales, Tony R (202) 225-4511
24th Van Duyne, Beth R (202) 225-6605
25th Williams, Roger R (202) 225-9896
26th Burgess, Michael R (202) 225-7772
27th Cloud, Michael R (202) 225-7742
28th Cuellar, Henry D (202) 225-1640
29th Garcia, Sylvia D (202) 225-1688
30th Johnson, Eddie Bernice D (202) 225-8885
31st Carter, John R (202) 225-3864
32nd Allred, Colin D (202) 225-2231
33rd Veasey, Marc D (202) 225-9897
34th Flores, Mayra R (202) 225-9901
35th Doggett, Lloyd D (202) 225-4865
36th Babin, Brian R (202) 225-1555

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