TRTA Launches Social Media Blitz to Support Prop 9!

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) launched its Vote FOR Prop 9 campaign with a Social Media Blitz on Tuesday, September 12.

TRTA Executive Director Tim Lee hosted a live Facebook/YouTube event, letting members know about all of the plans now underway to support the passage of Prop 9 during the November General Election.

How to Participate in the Social Media Blitz

TRTA has collected the email addresses of several social media influencers, including members of TRTA, their family and friends, and supportive community members. Influencers are being asked to share posts, images, announcements, and more from now until the election on whatever social media platform they prefer. (If you would like to be added to the influencers list, please send an email to and let us know your preferred email address).

TRTA members are being asked to participate in the blitz to the extent they feel comfortable doing so. There are a variety of ways to show your support for Prop 9 on social media, and we encourage you to start sharing on whatever platforms you engage in!

Here are instructions for each social media platform that TRTA is utilizing to share information.

Bring 10 Votes for Prop 9 With You to the Polls!

TRTA is setting the goal for every member to bring 10 friendly “FOR Prop 9” votes with them to the polls this November. September is a great month to begin getting those 10 commitments! TRTA has also set up this page on our website to share documents and other information that our members will find helpful when speaking to others about supporting Prop 9.

You can share information with your neighbors and other people in your community. The page includes a Voter Alert Flyer you can share now, as well as a Prop 9 Push Card.

Send a Letter to the Editor of Your Local Newspaper

TRTA has developed two sample letters to the editor that members can edit to add their personal information. Ideally, letters should be sent to your local newspaper editor before the early voting period, which begins October 23.

You may download the letters below:

Check Your Voter Registration Status

We encourage all TRTA members, their family members, friends, colleagues, and supporters to use this link to determine if their voter registration is up-to-date.

After checking your status and determining if your registration is current, you will be given the option to update your mailing address if necessary.

If you are not registered to vote, please know you have several options available to you for registering. However, it is important to know that your county’s voter registrar must receive your application at least 30 days before an election. This deadline to register for the November election is October 10. Visit for more information.

How to register:

Thank You!

Let’s start checking all the boxes to get Prop 9 passed this November! Make sure you’re registered and begin telling everyone you know about the importance of the pension increase for TRS retirees.

Thank you for being a member of TRTA. We are asking members to please renew their dues with TRTA if they have not done so already. If you know someone who is not a member, please invite them to join us! There is strength in numbers and the surest way for us to accomplish success is to grow the organization.

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