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Coleman Amendment Shifted in Budget due to Lack of Funds


An amendment offered by Representative Garnet Coleman to restore full funding to the TRS-Care health insurance program was moved at the author’s request to Article 11 of the Texas budget. Article 11 is often referred to as the “wish-list” and it includes projects that the Legislature would like to fund, but may not have designated how to fund. As you already know, the Coleman amendment would increase funding for the TRS-Care fund; however, its funding mechanism resides in another bill (HB 2001) and that bill may or may not pass this session. No other new budget dollars were allocated to fund the TRS-Care program during tonight’s budget debate, and the Coleman amendment was moved to the wish-list article for possible future action.


TRTA members need to know that this was not a defeat, but merely another step in a very long process. The Texas Senate is still working on finding additional revenue sources to help fund the TRS-Care program, as is the TRTA trying to find additional budget resources for this continuing debate. We must all continue to work together so that health care funding for TRS retirees is a priority this session.

Hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails poured into the Texas House of Representatives yesterday and today. TRTA members are sending a strong message and we will not give up on any issue this session. TRTA is making your TRS-Care health insurance program and the TRS pension trust fund a priority in this legislative session. Your help has been vital and has made a profound impact during this debate. THANK YOU for all you are doing to support our legislative efforts. We will continue to update you next week as these issues move forward.

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